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Lindsey Lohan recently returned from her latest stint in rehab with another recurrent problem, athlete’s foot. While ‘Lilo’ (as the press has come to call her) is not formally known for her athletic feats, her other feet are definitely her source of attention now. As reported in the National Inquirer in an interview with one of her friends, “Lilo is horrified by her athlete’s foot…she’s suffered from smelly feet ever since she was a teenager…it’s been a hugely embarrassing cross to bear.”. Unfortunately, she is one of the many sufferers of athlete’s foot, a problem that walks into my office on a near daily basis.

I mentioned in a previous post about the best way to manage and control your ‘winter tinea’ or cold months induced athlete’s foot. Winter tinea is nearly identical to the athlete’s foot discussed here, so you should read about my signs that you may have athlete’s foot here. If you’re located in DC or in the Anne Arundel County, coming into my office at Crofton Podiatry in Crofton, Maryland just outside of Bowie and Annapolis is the best way to guarantee prompt resolution and rid that itchy, painful annoyance. For now, read below for my best tips on how to keep athlete’s foot at bay.

Dr. Toll’s best tips for preventing athlete’s foot:

·         Keep your feet well moisturized with lotion

·         Keep nails short, and peel off loose skin

·         Avoid walking barefoot, use sandals where possible

·         Seek podiatrist advice for anti-fungal therapy

·         Examine feet daily and visit your doctor if any suspicious blisters or cuts are present

Currently, the National Inquirer is attributing the fungal athlete’s foot infection to be the source of Miss Lohan’s embarrassing foot odor. While this may be the case, it is more likely just another natural phenomenon of the body unrelated to her infection. Just like with athlete’s foot, there are many ways to deal with inherently bad smelling feet, and it is important that you speak withknowledgeable professionals in your area to find a resolution.

By Brad Toll.

By Brad Toll
May 14, 2014
Category: Flat Feet

As the spring weather comes upon us – many of will bust those tennis shoes out of the closet, and lace them up for a quick jog through our streets and sidewalks. Whether you’ve just joined a baby boomer running group, or are getting ready to take on events like the Kent Island Marathon in Stevensville, the Mulligan Metric Marathon in Baltimore or the Maryland half marathon in Fulton, it is of crucial importance that you pay respect to your body – starting with your feet.

Your feet are the foundation of any running or walking routine. Comprised of 26 bones, 33 joints, and over 126 muscles and ligaments, our feet are surprisingly complex! We rely on them to absorb impact forces, maintain balance and as a lever to propel us forward during locomotion.

However, all too often I hear from my patients at Crofton Podiatry that they’ve been pushing through the pain in their feet, and now it has extended to other places such as their knees or their back. Back pain is an extremely common symptom, and is typically the result of excessive pronation in our feet, commonly a result of collapsed arches or ‘flat feet’. While a normal arch would support the body’s weight, a fallen arch fails to effectively align the body and absorb the impact forces from the body. 

Therefore, if you suffer from chronic back pain as a result of long hours standing, or as a result of starting up a new walking or running regimen, you need to see a podiatrist. Due to the role feet play in our entire bodies function, the way we walk directly affects the way the rest of our body moves. Restoring the normal alignment of our feet helps to normalize the structure our knees, hips, and spines. If you are experiencing any of these pains, or want to get expert information to best prevent these types of chronic biomechanical instabilities, and if you’re in the Anne Arundel County, come check out our office in Crofton, MD right away before it gets any worse. We can give you a full biomechanical work-up and tailor your shoes, and orthotics to re-align your body, keeping your joints pain and problem free.

By Brad Toll.

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