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By Brad Toll
June 25, 2014
Category: Diabetes

People often think that type 2 diabetes strikes only the overweight and sedentary, or unhealthy eaters. But anyone can be diagnosed with diabetes, even world-class athletes or the rich and famous.  Surprisingly enough, celebrities such as Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, Larry King, Salma Hayek, Nick Jonas, Paula Dean, Drew Carey, Oprah Winfrey, Randy Jackson, and Billie Jean King have all been diagnosed with diabetes.  While they’ve been outspoken about it, there are more than 22.3 million other American who are now living with diabetes, and it is believed that an additional 6.3 million Americans are living undiagnosed.  Currently, the prevalence of adult diabetes in Maryland grew from 6.8% in 1999 to 8.7% in 2008.

Uncontrolled diabetes has been well linked to other illnesses, especially breaks in the skin known as ulcers, a very serious health risk.  Did you know that the average cost of healing a diabetic foot ulcer can range from $2,000-$60,000 per ulcer? Even more staggering, diabetic foot ulcers have a very high likelihood of becoming infected, usually requiring an amputation to resolve.  This is exactly why we stress to every patient with diabetes that they check their feet daily, and see a foot specialist at least once a year.  I see many patients with diabetes at my office at Crofton Podiatry in Crofton, Maryland, and I always strongly advise my patients to regularly check their feet for corns and calluses, blisters, ingrown toenails, warts, or overly dry and cracked skin.  All of these are problem which should not be ignored, and require the attention of a specialist for prompt resolution.

The following are my top tips to keeping your feet healthy!

·         Check your feet every day for cuts, sores, blisters, redness, calluses, infected toenails, or other problems.

·         Engage in regular physical activity, but check your feet daily for problems.

·         Protect your feet from hot or cold conditions. Yes this includes electric heating blankets!

·         Wear shoes that fit well – if you need help, come in and see me!  Secondly, wear shoes and socks at all times,                 and making sure to change your socks daily!

·         Trim your toenails regularly, and have a podiatrist check them every 6 months.

·         Wash your feet every day in warm, but not hot water.

·         Keep your blood glucose numbers as close to your target as possible.

·         If you smoke, get help to quit.

By Brad Toll.

It cannot be said enough.  Pain in your feet – is not normal and shouldn’t be tolerated.  Far too many people are living life waking up to pain in the feet each morning, and as they go to bed at night, keeping them from enjoying the activities they love.  So this week, let’s talk orthotics. Recently, celebs such as Scarlett Johansson, Rachel Bilson, and Miranda Lambert, have come out in support of orthotics, saying that they love the relief they feel while wearing them.  While there may be a lucky few who don’t have to worry about pain on the bottom of their feet after walking or standing for long periods of time, the most of us know all too well just how debilitating this pain can be! 

But doc, why does it have to hurt so much!?

While the natural arches in our feet are essential for the way we walk, this anatomical architecture takes an incredible amount of muscle and soft tissue fascia to maintain.  Overtime – as we continue to use these muscles without adequate support, they stretch out under our weight, and develop what we call ‘micro tears’. These tears are what cause so many of us pain, and can lead to the diagnosis we all fear… ‘Plantar fasciitis’! 

So what can we do to stop the pain?

Orthotics.  While they come in many different shapes, colors, heights, materials, and varieties, these have been the mainline treatment for protecting your body’s natural foot hierarchy for decades.  Unfortunately, I have patients coming into my office in Crofton, Maryland who’ve already tried store bought arch supports advertised on TV, and quote, “they didn’t seem to help”.  As I tell all of my patients, these devices at the store are made to fit just about everybody, and as a result, are very limited in how much support they offer each individual.  All of our arches are unique, and while most feet may not be as beautiful as a snowflake, they are absolutely different in the height, angle, and length of support they may need. 

This is exactly why if considering arch supports and the possibility of orthotics, it is important that you speak to a professional. The interventions you are considering by adding arch supports will change the way your body walks, all the way from your ankles, to your knees, hips, and into your back. At Crofton Podiatry, we can give you a full workup – analyzing your full anatomical needs in both stance and in motion to get you the supports you need to finally address your pesky arch pain!

By Brad Toll.

    Are you familiar with gout? If you aren’t – consider yourself very lucky.  All too often I have patients limp into my office in Crofton, Maryland experiencing a painful gouty flare up. Once considered a disease of the uber wealthy upper class (as best illustrated by King Henry VIII of England, or our founding father Benjamin Franklin), our change in diets and lifestyles has initiated a drastic increase in the amount of people affected by gout in the United States.  In fact, health.com recently issued a top list of celebrities who have suffered from gout attacks.  These successful actors, musicians and professional athletes, much like my patients, will try everything to rid themselves of this excruciating condition. Even rocker/film star Jared Leto had to bow to the overwhelming gout, saying that he ‘couldn’t walk for long distances’, and that he had to use ‘a wheelchair because it was so painful’.

     Gout occurs because purine crystals from our blood deposit themselves into our joints.  When we try to move that joint, our body is accosted by the sharp edges on these crystals. This rubbing can cause significant damage overtime to the affected joint; typically resulting in a very sharp, stabbing pain which can last for days. Getting treatment is essential, as these crystal structures cause physical damage our joints, leaving us with lasting damage beyond each episode of pain. We have a vast array of treatment options at Crofton Podiatry to keep your gout under control and to keep you pain free. From dietary education, to oral prescription or over the counter medications, we want to work with you to keep your feet healthy.

    If you’re feeling like you may be experiencing a gouty flare-up, below are my favorite tips to keep the pain at bay:

  • Take any medications your doctor has prescribed as directed, making sure to inform them of all medicines and vitamins you are taking at each visit.
  • Check your feet regularly and report any new coloration, swellings, or pain.
  • Maintain a healthy, balanced diet. Avoid foods that are high in purines, being sure to drink water regularly.
  • Exercise daily and maintain a healthy body weight. Seek additional counseling if you feel like you cannot maintain this regimen.

For more information about gout and ways to keep your feet gout free follow this link for the most up-to-date information.

By Brad Toll.

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