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Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice!         

Here is Crofton, Maryland as the leaves begin to turn, and the summer festivities come to a close, many of us are excited to see the return of fall.  Colorful foliage overhead and underneath the Ugg boots, jeans, and cozy hoodies has been the picture perfect fall image for quite some time. However, the newest edition to this fall image seems to be a Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte in every hand.  The seasonal drink originally introduced in 2003, seems to have attracted an almost cult-like following and has attracted thousands of fans nationally since its re-introduction this year on August 25th. Though nearly everyone is falling in love with the famed fall latte, its recurrence is an important reminder to the dangers of falling during this autumn season.

Accidental falls are a leading cause of death in the elderly, a situation that may be exacerbated by slick wet roads and decaying leaves on the sidewalks. Central to the prevention of falls is to stay active and flexible. Activities such as tai chi, yoga, and simple stretching have been shown to significantly improve balance and reduce the likelihood of falls. Additionally, many patients don’t realize that they are wearing either the wrong size, or type of shoes which may be significantly increasing their risks of falling.

Fall prevention begins with a thorough analysis of your shoe wear, assistive devices, living space, and goals for activity levels, all well within the realm of your local foot and ankle specialist. If you are having concerns about your or your loved ones’ balance, it is important to see a medical professional to analyze and resolve any risks before they become serious health concerns and if you’re in the Odenton, Gambrills or Bowie areas, stop by our office at Crofton Podiatry sometime.

By Brad Toll.

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