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Posts for: March, 2015

The 3rd base has it out for the Atlanta Braves!  Shortstop Andrelton Simmons is still out from after tripping over 3rd base a few Tuesdays ago, and third baseman Juan Francisco received a similar blow to his ankle in last Friday’s loss against the Mets at Turner Field. At Crofton Podiatry between Bowie and Annapolis Maryland, we see and treat ankle sprains yearlong. While we don’t know why 3rd bases seem to have it in for the ankles of Braves players, it certainly seems like between summer sports and winter ice, there is no time in the year in which our ankles are safe from harm!

In the past, we have blogged about ways to prevent ankle sprains during sports and in winter conditions, but we haven’t talked about some of the long-term damage that can occur as a result of frequent sprains. One of these long-term complications is known as an osteochondral defect, or OCD for short.  OCD’s may be common after multiple ankle fractures or sprains, and can be significant sources of pain. This pain is caused when bones in the ankle bang together, causing damage to the protective cartilage and underlying bone. This causes a ‘pot hole’ type effect in the bone, and is often described by a sharp, shooting pain elicited by certain motions during a patient’s walk. Additionally, because the damage is a local area, excruciating pain can typically be found by pressing on the area of defect.

Treatment for OCD’s typically starts with imaging by X-ray, MRI, or CT. Once the physician is familiar with the extent and location of the damage, they may suggest treatments such as steroid or anesthetic injections, bracing and exercises, or custom shoes and orthotics. If pain continues, surgery may be required. 

With OCD’s in particular, it is important to remember that delaying treatment may only be continuing damage to your bone and cartilage. Comprehensive evaluation by a foot specialist is the best way to understand the extent of your damage and the appropriate options for treatment. Short-term relief may not be the whole picture!  If you have experienced multiple ankle sprains or fractures and are still having significant pain months after the injury, it is important you see a local specialist for consultation and definitive treatment.  

By Brad Toll.

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