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By Crofton Podiatry
November 12, 2019
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How can you tell if a podiatrist is a right fit for you? When it comes to finding the right podiatrist to trust with addressing your foot and ankle needs, it can be a trying process. Here are the 5 steps to help you find the right podiatrist for you and your unique needs:


Their website isn’t just information about how to schedule your first appointment. When you visit a potential podiatrists website, it makes a world of difference when there’s a clear effort made to make podiatry care accessible and informational to all patients


They offer a wide range of services. While one patient will likely never need to utilize every single different kind of surgical method or medical treatment a podiatrist offers, it helps to know that they have the capability. Even if they don’t have the capability, a willingness to help you find someone who does is extraordinary.


The doctors and their staff listen to you. This seems like a no-brainer, but many practices can come off feeling disconnected from their patient population. Your health and well-being impacts your quality of life - it’s safe to say that your quality of life should be a top priority to your chosen medical professionals.


Their facility is clean and accommodating. A doctor’s office shouldn’t be anything less than the best. Whether they go for a cozy aesthetic or seek out a modern look to their lobby area, one thing should remain the same about their exam rooms: they should be clearly putting patient safety and health front and center.


Last but not least: they should have a friendly staff that’s happy to help you work through your questions and concerns if anything should arise. If this is everything you’ve been looking for, look no further. At Crofton Podiatry, our patients are our top priority. Call us today at (410) 721-4505 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Brad Toll in Crofton, Maryland.


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