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By Crofton Podiatry
October 05, 2017
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The autumn season marks a special time for travel. In fact, some states and countries, like Vermont, New Hampshire, Germany and Italy are wonderful places to celebrate the fall with foliage and harvest celebrations. If you plan on a trip, bon voyage! Below we have some tips for you. And while we don’t mean to add to the long list of things to remember and pack, some of all of the following can make your trip more enjoyable:



  • Flip-flops: These will have many useful jobs. On planes you may want to switch into more comfortable flip-flops for moments when you use the bathroom or walk around. Additionally, they will provide you with a more sanitary experience in your hotel room and bathroom.
  • Walking Shoes: While on vacation, you will want to look your best for photos, but fashion should not take importance over function. Travel often includes a lot of walking, so you should have comfortable and supportive shoes to prevent foot fatigue by the end of the day, especially if you have plantar fasciitis or Achilles tendonitis. You wouldn’t want your tired feet to prevent you from seeing more sights, would you?
  • Fancy Shoes: If you are traveling for an event or plan to celebrate with a nice dinner or evening out, don’t forget to pack nice shoes. However, be mindful that not only will they take room in your luggage, they will also prevent you from a long night out. Flats may be a better alternative for nice shoes that are more comfortable, but even they are not the best for long-term wear.
  • Activity-specific shoes: If you’ll be participating in specific activities, don’t forget your water shoes, hiking boots, climbing shoes, etc. If you can, however, break them in before wearing any gear for the first time, so that you can ensure fit and comfort.



  • Plane: If you’ll be traveling by air, you may want to pack compression leggings or socks to prevent any swelling you might experience, especially on long flights. Make sure to stay hydrated and move every hour or so, to prevent cramping and swelling.
  • Train: Explore the train’s amenities and look out at the views from different cars as an excuse to get moving while you travel. Step out for a bit at each station, if the train will make a few stops before your destination.
  • Car: The best road trips include stops in random areas where you can find a little bit of culture along the way. Stop in country stores and different local restaurants to stretch your legs and get a taste of each location.



  • Rooms: While housekeeping usually does a good job of cleaning and vacuuming, the floors may not always be sanitized. We would recommend wearing flip-flops while in the room and while you shower.
  • Spas/Pools/Gyms/Other Amenities: Again, we recommend wearing flip-flops to protect from potential infections, even if you wish to trust that everything is kept sanitized.


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