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Despite her pregnancy last year, Kim Kardashian was frequently seen sporting high heeled stilettos; her child bearing ankles looking painfully swollen and vulnerable on the red carpet. From Jennifer Lawrence’s trip at this year’s Oscars to Emma Thompson’s high heel toss at the Golden Globes, celebrities are no longer showing the Sarah Jessica Parker level love for their high heels.  We at Crofton Podiatry located in Crofton, Maryland understand the pains involved with high heels, and want to keep you looking great without all the suffering.

While heels may be necessary at times, a prior visit with your podiatrist is essential to your comfort and foot health.  According to an American Podiatric Medical Association survey, 73% of women admitted to a shoe-related foot issue and 42% of women stated they'd wear a shoe even if it gave them discomfort.  Long-term heel use can shorten the Achilles tendon overtime, contributing to changes in toe joints and permanently altering the way we walk.  Because heels cause our feet to slide forward, ingrown nails, corns and calluses are also common as a result of the increased pressure.

Follow these tips to keep your feet pain free at upcoming events.

1.      Make sure you are wearing the right shoe size.  While it may be tempting to slip into that ‘on-clearance’ special, ill-fitting shoes cause discomfort and lasting problems.  Having your feet sized regularly by an expert is important, and buying the right fitting shoe is ALWAYS worth the cost.

2.      Find out your own personal foot type. Size is more than just length; width, arch height and first toe length also play a major role in finding the right shoe.  Your local podiatrist can help you understand your individual shoe needs as they change overtime.

3.      The thicker the heel the better. Our feet absorb high forces as we walk.  Thicker soles protect your joints and tissue by reducing the forces in each step.

4.      Stretch your feet and take periodic breaks. Your feet need breaks when wearing high heels. Sitting or simply stepping out of your shoes temporarily may help to relax any overly tight tissues. 

5.      Shoe inserts really can help. Shoe inserts can transform a commercially produced shoe into a custom fit, increasing comfort and function.  Seeing a podiatrist is the only way to guarantee you are getting the inserts right for your body.

By Brad Toll


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