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It seems Bette Midler’s toe has been catching recent attention following a tweet she posted of her toe in a cast with the comment, “New York Toes don’t love Texas Cowboy Boots”. Bette’s tweet was in reference to an ingrown toenail which had been causing her significant pain on her right great toe. While Bette originally blamed the ingrown toenail on her cowboy boots, she later admitted to it actually being the result of an improper pedicure.

However, there isn’t a need to fear the ingrown pain. Ingrown toenails are one of the most common things we see at our Crofton Podiatry clinic just outside of Gambrills and Annapolis, Maryland. Typically, they are the result of shoes that are too small or have received improper trimming. Cutting your nails too short encourages the skin to fold over the nail as it grows in, especially in combination with tight fitting shoes which constrict the toe box. Typically, patients present to us with redness, swelling, and maybe some bleeding or puss noted in their socks. 

Treatments for an ingrown toenail vary depending on the condition, but are very tame. While it may sound scary, surgery to correct an ingrown toenail is a very simple, in-office, procedure to numb the toe and remove the leading edge of the offending nail. In some situations the removal of the entire nail may be necessary, and steps can be taken to ensure that this removal is permanent by removing the nail root and preventing any further nail growth.

According to new sources, Bette ended up having to have her toenail clipped and trimmed back by a Podiatric Specialist in Dallas. While pedicurists may be able to make your nails beautiful, they may not always be doing what is best for your overall health. Ingrown toenails can become a source for infection, something that is especially concerning in the older or diabetic population.  If you notice the start of an ingrown toenail, or have had numerous troubles with them in the past, it is important that you speak with a podiatric specialist in your area to keep your feet healthy, and pain-free!

By Brad Toll.

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