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It’s all over the news. Vibram, the company behind the revolutionary barefoot running shoes, is officially settling a multi-million dollar class-action lawsuit for false advertising. So if you’ve not been a member of the 70 million Americans who bought into the barefoot running fad, prepare to feel a bit vindicated. 

The FiveFingers lawsuit was initiated in 2012 by a Florida resident after she felt the company’s statements regarding barefoot shoes reducing the risk of foot injury and strengthening leg muscles may be misleading.  This lawsuit was similar to the previously settled lawsuits such as the 2011 lawsuit against Reebok International, and the 2012 Skechers USA lawsuit which both settled for over $25 million compared for false advertising of shoe-related health benefits.

However the American Podiatric Medical Association saw things differently than Vibrams stating, "Barefoot running has been touted as improving strength and balance, while promoting a more natural running style, however, risks of barefoot running include a lack of protection, which may lead to injuries such as puncture wounds, and increased stress on the lower extremities."

As I tell all of my patients, when it comes to matters of your health, it is of vital importance that you seek the consultation of a specialist and not rely the advertisements and fads that are commercially propagated. Whether it is prescription medication, interventional therapies, or foot gear, these all have significant impacts on your wellbeing and require discussion with a medical expert.  In the meantime – before you go into see your local foot doctor or come into see me at Crofton Podiatry in Crofton, Maryland, it is important that you look at these following details to see if you are eligible for a refund.

The settlement details how to file a claim:

·         Vibram has agreed to pay our $3.75 Million to customers

o   You must have purchased Vibram FiveFingers shoes, after March 21, 2009.

o   You can submit up to two pairs of shoes, from about $20-$50 a pair

o   The maximum refund to any individual is $94.

o   Claim forms and more information regarding the settlement may be accessed at www.fivefingerssettlement.com once the site goes live.

By Brad Toll.

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