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    Are you familiar with gout? If you aren’t – consider yourself very lucky.  All too often I have patients limp into my office in Crofton, Maryland experiencing a painful gouty flare up. Once considered a disease of the uber wealthy upper class (as best illustrated by King Henry VIII of England, or our founding father Benjamin Franklin), our change in diets and lifestyles has initiated a drastic increase in the amount of people affected by gout in the United States.  In fact, health.com recently issued a top list of celebrities who have suffered from gout attacks.  These successful actors, musicians and professional athletes, much like my patients, will try everything to rid themselves of this excruciating condition. Even rocker/film star Jared Leto had to bow to the overwhelming gout, saying that he ‘couldn’t walk for long distances’, and that he had to use ‘a wheelchair because it was so painful’.

     Gout occurs because purine crystals from our blood deposit themselves into our joints.  When we try to move that joint, our body is accosted by the sharp edges on these crystals. This rubbing can cause significant damage overtime to the affected joint; typically resulting in a very sharp, stabbing pain which can last for days. Getting treatment is essential, as these crystal structures cause physical damage our joints, leaving us with lasting damage beyond each episode of pain. We have a vast array of treatment options at Crofton Podiatry to keep your gout under control and to keep you pain free. From dietary education, to oral prescription or over the counter medications, we want to work with you to keep your feet healthy.

    If you’re feeling like you may be experiencing a gouty flare-up, below are my favorite tips to keep the pain at bay:

  • Take any medications your doctor has prescribed as directed, making sure to inform them of all medicines and vitamins you are taking at each visit.
  • Check your feet regularly and report any new coloration, swellings, or pain.
  • Maintain a healthy, balanced diet. Avoid foods that are high in purines, being sure to drink water regularly.
  • Exercise daily and maintain a healthy body weight. Seek additional counseling if you feel like you cannot maintain this regimen.

For more information about gout and ways to keep your feet gout free follow this link for the most up-to-date information.

By Brad Toll.

It’s no secret that Eli Manning hasn’t been playing his best in the last few seasons with the NY Giants. Coming off his worst season since his 2004 rookie year, with a career high in interceptions and a career-high 39 sacks, his quarterback rating of 69.4 has been the lowest since he was a rookie. Yet as if things couldn’t seem any worse – reports are streaming in that he underwent arthroscopic surgery last Thursday to clean out an ankle sprain that has been keeping him from being the top of his game.

Arthroscopy is a procedure where a small video camera is inserted into the ankle, to allow your surgeon to inside your joints underneath the tissue skin and tissue. It requires full anesthesia, but has been very successful in minimizing scar tissue, as it only uses three small holes instead of an open incision. It is a decision you will need to see a foot and ankle specialist for, if you’re in the area stop by my clinic in Crofton just outside of Gambrills, Maryland if you just can’t take the pain, or any longer. 

This almost sound reminiscent of Tiger Woods – who has recently stepped out of his chance for a green jacket in the 2014 Masters golf tournament due to chronic back pain. While Tiger has had his fair share of injuries with left Achilles problems in 2012, it’s his back that’s causing him trouble now. Although, this is only the first major injury for Manning, who has been unable to shake the after-effects of a high ankle sprain suffered in December of last year’s regular-season finale.

 “I went through the recovery and rehab after suffering the sprain,” Manning said. “I was still experiencing some discomfort as I began my normal offseason preparation, and after consultation, we felt the right thing was to have Dr. Anderson clean out the ankle.’’

While I suggest to all of my patients that we start with more conservative measures before resorting to surgery, we at Crofton Podiatry want to work with you to get the treatments you need to get you back on your feet and back to winning your own Green Jackets. Call our office today at (410) 721-4505 to book the start of your pre-season recovery.

By Brad Toll.

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