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By Crofton Podiatry
April 06, 2017
Category: Foot Conditions
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That’s a mouthful to say, don’t you think?

But dancers, runners, and baseball catchers know it all too well as a common injury for their respective sports. The sesamoids in the feet are 2 small bones that are not directly connected to other bones at a joint. They sit under the big toe joint and are only connected to tendons or in muscle tissue.

When the tendons around the sesamoids become inflamed or injured, the condition is called sesamoiditis, which is a form of tendonitis. Normally, the sesamoids allow for tendons to move about over them, but when there is overuse or an injury, that motion can cause inflammation and pain. The action of standing or sitting on tippy-toes, hard and repetitive impact on the bones, and blunt trauma injuries to the bones can cause sesamoiditis, which is the reason why certain athletes are familiar with this condition.

What are the Symptoms?

  • Since sesamoiditis is an inflammatory issue, there will likely be swelling, in addition to bruising, depending on the cause of the condition.
  • The big toe joint, where it meets the ball of the foot will experience pain. This pain can grow overtime, especially if it is an overuse injury.
  • It may be painful to move or bend the big toe.
  • You may not be able to stand and bear weight on the ball of your feet.

What are the Treatment options?

  • Rest (stop the activity), Ice, and Elevate to reduce swelling. If you have pain, you can take pain killers like NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs).
  • Use cushioning like a felt or foam pad to reduce pressure on the sesamoids.
  • Avoid putting weight on the balls of the feet.
  • Wear soft-soled, low-heeled shoes. Stiff-soled shoes like clogs may also be comfortable.
  • If the pain and swelling is severe, you should see your podiatrist. He may recommend a steroid injection to reduce swelling.
  • If you think the sesamoids could be fractured, see a podiatrist right away or go to the emergency room.

Worried about a sesamoid injury or pain? Our board-certified podiatrist, Dr. Brad Toll at Crofton Podiatry will assess your foot issues and provide the highest quality of care to get you back on your feet. Make an appointment to find out what the appropriate treatment should be by calling (410) 721-4505. Our team is ready to assist you at our Crofton, MD office, which also serves the surrounding Gambrills, Odenton, and Bowie areas.

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