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Derek Jeter has already announced that 2014 will be his last season with the Yankees, and possibly, his last season with professional baseball altogether.  With Jeter retiring, a new spot opens for the New York team with some rumoring Jose Reyes as a possible replacement.  Although he has already laughed off the possibility, “I've got four years left on my contract, bro” Before the questions as to his replacement begin – most fans are eagerly awaiting the quality of Jeter’s last season following his previous season’s setbacks with a fractured ankle.

Last April, an MRI revealed a new crack in Jeter’s left ankle, a major misfortune following a series of injuries throughout 2012.  Jeter saw multiple appearances on the disabled list throughout the 2013 season.  Ultimately, renewed ankle soreness was cited as the final culprit, forcing his season to end after only 17 games and leaving him with only a .190 batting average.

Famed sports medicine doctor Rock G. Positano, famous for curing Joe Dimaggio’s pain which prematurely ended his career in the 1990’s, is concerned about the effects of Jeter’s previous injuries on his 2014 performance.  "It could affect his ability to hit to the opposite field with precision and power, because less-than-perfect left foot and ankle strength and mechanics could have an effect on balance and strength when driving the ball to right," Positano stated, expressing apprehension over Jeter’s famous ability to accurately hit to either sides of the outfield.

Despite Jeter’s higher risk for additional injuries as a result of his age, Poistano expressed some optimism on Jeter’s ability to recover.  "Knowing the type of care he's gotten, I think he's going to come back very strong," Positano said, emphasizing that quick and frequent physician oversight is the key to functional healing.  Even though Jeter believes ‘In the power of the mind’ as he told ESPN in an interview, the mind isn’t the only part of the equation. If you’re experiencing setbacks to your performance due to previous injuries, come on in and see me, Brad Toll, at Crofton Podiatry so we can get you back out on the field this 2014 season.

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