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By Brad Toll
November 30, 2014
Category: Removable Boot

A new fad is popping up across social media outlets such as Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter. Hundreds of photos tagged with the likes of #celebsinsurgicalboots are popping up online as more and more debutants hit the red carpet wearing the least fashionable item in the medical armory. It seems the trend is nearly inescapable, with its most recent additions to membership including: Shia LaBeouf, Reese Witherspoon, Kobe Bryant, David Beckham, and even ex-PODUS daughter Chelsea Clinton. While many fashion critics are lauding the new statement, medical practitioners across the nation are rejoicing as celebrities unofficially endorse the most effective (yet least patient appreciated) treatment for the foot and ankle.

Before you begin to ‘burn the boot’ it is important that you put into perspective just why your foot and ankle specialist put you into one in the first place. For starters, no – your doctor does not want to keep you from looking cute, and this is not (typically) a punishment for being a bad patient.  However, it is one of the most fundamental modalities for protecting your feet following an injury like sprains, fractures, plantar fasciitis or even surgery. Walking boots are specifically designed to evenly disperse the pressures of walking below your feet, providing open wounds or soft tissue injuries the time and environment they need to heal. Many physicians also suggest stretching and exercise techniques to maintain muscle strength during use. These are also critical to your recovery, as they increase blood flow to the injured area and prevent muscle atrophy.

Oftentimes at my clinic in Crofton Maryland, I’ll see patients who want quick healing, but aren’t willing to wear their boot. Trust me - we wouldn’t put you into these devices if it wasn’t absolutely critical to your healing. Ultimately –a walking boot may be one of the many components of an effective treatment plan; however, in many cases strict adherence to its use is quintessential to success. Following the instructions from your doctor (and respecting the boot!) is a crucial step in getting back into the shoes you actually want to be wearing.

By Dr. Brad Toll of Crofton Podiatry

Here's one of our wonderfully positive patients embracing the boot!


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