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By Brad Toll
July 05, 2014
Category: Feet Safety

2014’s 4th of July weekend celebrations are upon us – and it is time to celebrate!  In honor of celebrating our 238th birthday as a free nation, millions of Americans will be joining in on the whirlwind of parades, beaches, boating, fireworks displays and backyard grilling.  However, the easiest way to ruin the festive fun is through a surprise trip to the emergency room. If swimming, boating, or many other outdoor activities are part of your 4th plans, consider the following suggestions to stay safe and out of the doctor’s office this holiday season.

When fireworks or grilling are part of your plans make sure everyone is wearing full coverage shoes at all times. All too often, the enjoyment of the outdoors tempts our companions into going barefoot, a dangerous proposition when hot coals or embers may be unknowingly scattered across the ground.  Additionally, to prevent blisters, cuts or calluses, proper shoe wear is even more important during the holidays, when sharp objects such as bottle caps, broken glass, or metal trash may be lurking under every step. If sandals are a must for you – consider switching to sandals like Keens or other brands which have protective toe-guards.

Additionally – while your feet are important, so is the rest of your body too!  Hopefully with a few simple ‘steps’ to stay safe, we can ensure that everyone’s 4th of July around Crofton, Gambrills, and Annapolis Maryland is enjoyable and memorable.

  • To prevent heat exhaustion and dehydration, bring and drink plenty of water.  Oftentimes – much more than you would expect to need.
  • Every part of the body is at risk for sunburn.  Bring plenty sunscreen, apply it liberally and frequently, and make sure to spend time in the shade when possible.
  • Make sure to supervise all children, and be sure that everyone has adequate flotation devices when near the water.  Don’t rely on water wins or inflatable toys!
  • Make sure all food is well-cooked and not spoiled by the summer heat.

Remember – the worst way to celebrate the 4th is in the emergency department. Be safe, think critically before every activity, and most importantly…enjoy!

Dr. Brad Toll and the staff at Crofton Podiatry wishes everyone reading this a happy 4th July Celebration!

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