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A new report from the daily mail reports that famous James Bond actor Roger Moore has removed all alcoholic cocktails from his diet following a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes. Moore, who starred as James Bond in seven iconic flicks, was diagnosed with diabetes last year at age 85 after collapsing at his home in Monaco. Moore was rushed to the hospital where doctors confirmed his chronic high blood sugars had evolved into full-fledged diabetes.

The martini cocktail, famously ordered by Sean Connery in the movie ‘Goldfinger’ and iconically ordered as ‘shaken not stirred’, is made from a combination of gin and vermouth. These ingredients are both high in sugar, and make it very difficult for patients with diabetes to control their blood glucose levels. In an interview, Sir Roger Moore stated, “I make a very good dry martini but I’m not allowed to drink them anymore. No more sugar, no alcohol…I enjoy it much more”. 

Following his diagnosis Moore will have to adventure into a whole new world of personal– as diabetes will affect not only his martini intake, but also his overall health. Severe diabetics can develop peripheral neuropathy which can even lead to amputations in some cases. At Crofton Podiatry we see a multitude of patients whose foot health has been directly affected by their diabetic control.

We cannot stress the importance of diet, regular exercise, and overall health monitoring in protecting the quality of your feet. Proper diabetic foot care and protection may include custom extra depth shoes and proper nail care which may be done by your podiatrist every nine weeks or so. In a world where the phrase, ‘You only live twice’ isn’t even true for James Bond, it is ever important that we remain vigilant about our health! 

By Brad Toll.

On their return from a comedy club in New Jersey, Tracy Morgan (longtime star of NBC’s ‘Saturday Night Live’ and ’30 Rock’ with Tina Fey) and his companions were struck by a truck Saturday evening. The crash was fatal for one member of Morgan’s crew, and resulted in the critical injury of two others. Morgan himself sustained numerous injuries including broken ribs, nose, and a severely broken leg. Authorities believe that a driver of a Walmart truck hadn’t slept in over 24 hours, and in an attempt to avoid a collision with another car swerved into the back of the Morgan’s limousine.  Following these news reports, rumors quickly spread across twitter and other social media outlets regarding Morgan’s need for a lower extremity amputation.

While now proven to be a complete fabrication, this erroneous rumor is more real than the pranksters likely believe. Currently, there are nearly 2 million people living with limb loss in the United States1. Half of these amputations are due to traumatic injury; however, the other half is due to complications of medical diseases such as vascular disorders or diabetes mellitus. Despite our best efforts at prevention, diabetic foot ulcers still precede nearly 84%2 of all nontraumatic amputations in diabetic patients in the US. 

This is why I stress to all of my patients at Crofton Podiatry that they take extreme caution and care with respect to their foot health. Our feet endure tremendous amount of forces throughout the day. However, in the presence of chronic diabetes, our bodies become less able to alert us to problems, and recover from this damage. The development of peripheral neuropathy (or lack of sensation in our feet) renders us vulnerable to the repetitive damage of walking, and may facilitate the silent formation of a diabetic foot ulcer (or wound). 

If you have diabetes, current American Diabetes Association (ADA) guidelines state that you should be seeing a podiatric specialist at least once a year to prevent the development of a diabetic foot ulcer. In many cases, certain risk factors may make this minimum visitation interval even more frequent. Whether you’re in Crofton or not and are concerned about your overall foot health, make an appointment with a local podiatrist to get the best and most up to date care information tailored to your body and lifestyle.

By Brad Toll.



1: ‘Limb loss statistics’. Taken from the Limb Loss Resource Center via www.amputee-coalition.org  Accessed on 6/7/2014

2: Boulton AJM. The diabetic foot: from art to science. The 18th Camillo Golgi lecture. Diabetologia. 2004;47(8):1343-1353.

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