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By Crofton Podiatry
January 04, 2017
Category: Diabetes
Tags: foot soaks   winter boots   moisturizer  

For diabetics, foot care is important every day of the year. In the winter, however it is particularly important to keep feet healthy because of the added winter-related risks. As you lose feeling in your feet, it is important to keep warm to prevent frostbite.

Here are some tips that we’d like to offer you to keep healthy and warm this winter:

  • Continue to inspect your feet every day. Look for signs of bacterial or fungal infections that may happen
  •  from getting sweaty in warm footwear. Also make sure that the skin on your feet is moisturized to prevent cracking.
  • Winter boots, while meant to be warm and waterproof, can still get wet inside. Snow/rain can sneak in or if your feet are too warm, your feet can get sweaty. Either way, wet feet in these circumstances can cause you to be even colder, or put you at higher risk of bacterial or fungal infections. Try not to wear the same shoes every day and make sure to air them out often.
  • A warm foot soak or bath can help you feel better in cold weather. However, make sure you check the temperature of the water before putting your feet in hot water to reduce risk of burning your feet! The same goes for if you are warming your feet on a heating pad or fireplace.
  • Brave the cold. The cold makes us all want to cuddle up on the couch or in bed with a warm blanket and hot cup of cocoa. However, you shouldn’t make the cold an excuse to become sedentary. Try to do some exercises indoors and get creative with ways you can keep moving and circulation going. Your end goal should be to keep active and control the warm sugary treats you might wish to indulge in.

Diabetic foot care can be tricky. If you have any concerns about your feet, please come see our board-certified podiatrist, Dr. Brad Toll. For further questions about these tips, or for more information, make an appointment with us at Crofton Podiatry. We serve patients living in the Crofton, MD and the surrounding Gambrills, Odenton, and Bowie areas, so call us today at (410) 721-4505. 

By Crofton Podiatry
December 20, 2016
Category: Foot Care Tips
Tags: warm socks   slippers   foot soaks  

Brr! The weather just keeps getting colder! While we know to layer on the clothes and zip up our puffy coats, you may not know how to properly care for your feet to protect them from the cold, winter climate. The following are some tips for braving the cold, inside and outside:

When you’re going out:

  • Double up on Socks – Always wear socks. If your feet seem to be cold even with socks on, try wearing a thin sock, and then a thicker sock on top. Make sure, however, that your feet are not too constrained.
  • Be cautious of waterproof boots ­– Winter shoes usually tend to be thick and waterproof preventing the feet from breathing. Coupled with double socks, it can create a situation where you sweat, but doesn’t dry up, making you feel colder. It’s also a breeding ground for bacterial or fungal infections. If you have to be in your socks and boots for a long time, use foot powder on your feet to reduce wetness.
  • When doing winter activities like skiing or snowboarding, wear the appropriate boots to keep you safe.
  • DO NOT WEAR SUMMER FOOTWEAR – even if it’s that much more convenient for a quick trip to the store.     

When you’re staying in:

  • Feel free to break out the fuzzy, cozy socks, but make sure they have anti-slip grips on smooth floors.
  • Warm slippers – If you prefer fuzzy slippers, make sure that there isn’t heavy duty grip for if you’re walking on carpets; on the other hand, grippy bottoms are best for hardwood floors or tile.
  • Let your feet warm up by the heater or fireplace. However, make sure to stay a safe distance away so that you do not risk fire or cooking your feet!
  • Rest feet on a heat pack, but make sure the temperature is not too hot as to burn your feet.

For both inside and outside:

  • Drink warm beverages – Avoid alcohol as it may warm you up at first, but then it will cool your core temperatures. It can put you at risk of bumping into things or slipping on black ice.
  • When your feet feel cold even with socks on, try a hot foot soak with Epsom salt. It can relieve soreness and help with dry skin. If they are red or itchy, try using some baking soda to alleviate symptoms. If they are cracked or dry, you can put moisturizing cream or honey to heal the skin.

Still feeling cold? We are here to help check out what the problem might be. Make an appointment at Crofton Podiatry with our board-certified podiatrist, Dr. Brad Toll, by calling us at (410) 721-4505. We are happy to serve all patients in Crofton, MD and the surrounding Gambrills, Odenton, and Bowie areas. We wish you happy and healthy holidays!





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