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By Brad Toll
February 11, 2015
Category: Gout

Whether you were a Seahawks or Patriots fan it is undeniable that this year’s Superbowl will go down as one of the most memorable finishes in NFL’s history. While the Patriots were busy positioning themselves for the 28-24 surprise win over the Seattle Seahawks, football enthusiasts across the nation were positioning themselves for another round of snacks and drinks. During Superbowl Sunday, it was estimated that American’s ate approximately 1,083,333 football fields worth of wings, over 120 million pounds of avocados, 325 million gallons of beer (enough to fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool 1,938 times), over 29 million pounds of chips, 3.8 million pounds of popcorn, and 4 million pizzas!

While these stats are almost as amazing as the stats of the players themselves – they also bring more than just the misery of your favorite teams defeat. Many of these foods (and especially the beer that washes them down) may predispose us to a painful condition known as gout. Painful gout attacks occur due to the buildup of micro-crystals in our blood, something that can be exacerbated by diets rich in purines. These crystals deposit themselves in the joints of our peripheral extremities, and as a result affected joints will appear red, swollen, warm, and will be extremely painful to move or bend. 

If you think you or someone at your football party may be suffering from a gouty attack following this Sunday’s feast, it is important they see their local podiatrist right away. Untreated, gouty crystals will only continue to be painful, and may cause permanent damage to the joint.  Gout can be easily treated with medication, and a simple conversation regarding what foods may predispose to gouty flare-ups may significantly reduce the likelihood of future occurrence. If you live in the Crofton or Bowie area and suspect you may have gout – call my staff at Crofton Podiatry to make an appointment today!

By Brad Toll.

Food statistics courtesy: http://mashable.com/2015/01/28/super-bowl-food/

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