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With the 2014 winter Olympics in full swing; athletes around the globe are preparing for the greatest sporting event of their careers, and are trying their best to stay in top health.  While injuries have plagued the careers of would-be Olympians many years past, it seems the winter Olympics 2014 has seen a rash of potentially career changing ankle injuries – with favored Olympians ranging from America’s Shaun White to China’s Wang Meng pulling out of competitions due to injury.  

While White still competed to defend his title as king of the half-pipe, it is clear that his ankle and shoulder injuries sustained during the 2014 Olympic qualifiers played a role in his decision to abstain from the slopestyle event.

Many winter games such as ice skating, hockey, skiing, and snowboarding require specialty equipment, particularly footwear.  While the risk for ankle injuries is high in many of these sports, many other foot abnormalities can occur such as: athlete’s foot, nail damage, tendon bruising or inflammation, and especially ‘skate bite’.  Skate bite occurs when the laces on your ice skating or hockey boots are too tight, and when worn frequently, can irritate and even break your skin.  One way to help avoid this problem is by alternating the lacing patterns on your boots. Additionally, pressure on the top of your foot from skates can also result in a pinched nerve over time. This is why it is especially important that any gear you wear is fitted for you, not only to best your performance, but to also maximize your safety.

As a podiatrist serving the greater Annapolis area spanning Bowie to the Bay Bridge, Dr. Brad Toll is here to help you prevent anything that may keep you on the bench, and overcome any injuries incurred so far.  Your personal foot health is important, and everything from a sprain to fungus should be evaluated early to make sure it doesn’t become more serious.  If you’re experiencing problems, or just have questions about how to be safe during this winter’s fun & games, call our office at Crofton Podiatry!

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