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By Crofton Podiatry
April 11, 2018
Category: Foot Care Tips

The weather may still be a bit wonky and unpredictable, but that doesn’t mean that your toes don’t deserve some pampering in preparation for spring and summer! For men and women alike, a pedicure can be a great tool for grooming and keeping the feet looking and feeling great.

However, there are times when pedicures can be harmful, rather than helpful. Depending on the health and hygiene practices of each nail salon (or yourself), a pedicure can result in ugly fungal toenails or a bacterial skin infection on your foot.

So what can you do to avoid a “bad” pedicure? Review the following safety tips when getting your toenails done:

  • DIY pedicure: One of the safest ways to give yourself a pedicure is to do it yourself. Having your own set of tools makes it easier to make sure that you do not become infected with someone else’s disease. Make sure to soak your toes in warm water before you begin, use tools gently so that you don’t hurt yourself, cut toenails straight across (not rounded), and moisturize the feet after your toenails are dry.
  • FIRST!: If you’ve seen this on a social media platform, it means that someone wanted to be the first to comment on a post. In this case, we encourage you to try and be the FIRST to get their nails done for that day. This would (likely) ensure that you are getting sanitized tools and no one else has shared the footbath with you.
  • Don’t be THAT person: Who, might you ask, is giving me this fear of infection? Well, it could be anyone! This also means that it can be YOU! If you have a fungal (i.e. Athlete’s foot or fungal toenails), a bacterial (which causes smelly feet), or viral (i.e. warts) infection, try to reschedule your appointment. If you cannot, let one of the pedicurists know so that they can take appropriate steps to protect other people’s feet.
  • Diabetic foot care: This includes getting pedicures done or having our podiatrist take care of this. Diabetic patients should be extra careful, especially if they have diabetic neuropathy. Not only is it possible that they will not feel a cut or other injury, it might also take longer to heal said cut/injury.

We have seen patients come in after a botched pedicure job or getting an infection from going to a nail salon. If you need treatment for a pedicure gone wrong, make an appointment to come see us. Call our office at (410) 721-4505 to see our board-certified podiatrist, Dr. Brad Toll at Crofton Podiatry. He can assess your feet and find you the proper treatment. Our Crofton, MD office also serves the surrounding areas in Gambrills, Odenton, and Bowie, MD.

Simply stated, our feet smell because we keep a massive amount of our bodies sweat glands buried beneath our socks and shoes throughout the day.  Feet have more sweat glands than any other party of the body, with nearly 3,000 glands per square inch.  While your feet are encased in your shoes, sweat is unable to evaporate creating the perfect breeding ground for bacterial growth. Feet begin to smell as this perspiration interacts with the bacteria that live on our skin and in our shoes and socks.

Foot odor is a considerable problem for many of my patients at Crofton Podiatry, many of whom have been life-long sufferers of this embarrassing condition.  A persistent foot odor may indicate the presence of an infection, and excessive sweating may increase your chances of developing a foot ulcer.  Additionally, certainprescription medications, hormonal changes, and high levels of stress may increase your sweat levels; therefore, a simple check with a podiatric specialist in the Gambrills and Annapolis area may be able to resolve your issue.

Because excessive foot odor is mainly the result of excess odor-causing bacteria, it can typically be controlled with a few simple lifestyle and hygiene changes.  If you suffer from embarrassing odorous feet, start by following the steps I give my patients below, then come in and see me for more personalized advice.

General tips for reducing foot odor:

  • Wear clean socks every day.  Cotton tends to absorb moisture and stay wet, seek out sock materials that breathe and are the right fit for you. - If needed, change into clean socks at the midpoint of the day.
  • Clean your feet daily with antibacterial soap to reduce bacteria
  • Alternate shoes between uses, only wear shoes that are dry.
  • Wear comfortable and well-fitting shoes, if possible consult a footwear specialist when purchasing new shoes.
  • Do not walk around barefoot as this exposes the feet to possible injury and new bacteria.
  • Apply foot sprays and powders as recommended by a professional
  • Monitor your feet daily and consult a professional if you suspect fungal infections

By Brad Toll.

Lindsey Lohan recently returned from her latest stint in rehab with another recurrent problem, athlete’s foot. While ‘Lilo’ (as the press has come to call her) is not formally known for her athletic feats, her other feet are definitely her source of attention now. As reported in the National Inquirer in an interview with one of her friends, “Lilo is horrified by her athlete’s foot…she’s suffered from smelly feet ever since she was a teenager…it’s been a hugely embarrassing cross to bear.”. Unfortunately, she is one of the many sufferers of athlete’s foot, a problem that walks into my office on a near daily basis.

I mentioned in a previous post about the best way to manage and control your ‘winter tinea’ or cold months induced athlete’s foot. Winter tinea is nearly identical to the athlete’s foot discussed here, so you should read about my signs that you may have athlete’s foot here. If you’re located in DC or in the Anne Arundel County, coming into my office at Crofton Podiatry in Crofton, Maryland just outside of Bowie and Annapolis is the best way to guarantee prompt resolution and rid that itchy, painful annoyance. For now, read below for my best tips on how to keep athlete’s foot at bay.

Dr. Toll’s best tips for preventing athlete’s foot:

·         Keep your feet well moisturized with lotion

·         Keep nails short, and peel off loose skin

·         Avoid walking barefoot, use sandals where possible

·         Seek podiatrist advice for anti-fungal therapy

·         Examine feet daily and visit your doctor if any suspicious blisters or cuts are present

Currently, the National Inquirer is attributing the fungal athlete’s foot infection to be the source of Miss Lohan’s embarrassing foot odor. While this may be the case, it is more likely just another natural phenomenon of the body unrelated to her infection. Just like with athlete’s foot, there are many ways to deal with inherently bad smelling feet, and it is important that you speak withknowledgeable professionals in your area to find a resolution.

By Brad Toll.

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