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Many of us are still in awe of the performances given by the US Women’s Olympics Team. The Final Five’s Aly Raisman, Simone Biles, Gabby Douglas, Laurie Hernandez, and Madison Kocian gave us an Olympics to remember at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Surely they have inspired your children, and even YOU to possibly pursue learning some gymnastics.

But before you or your children run off to practice your cartwheels, back handsprings, and the “Biles”, keep in mind that these professionals have been practicing and perfecting these moves for many years. They know the proper techniques for warming up, stretching, and strengthening the body to protect them from injury. They practice, practice, practice at gymnastics facilities with safe mats that cushion their falls. Coaches and supportive team members know how to take care of small and large injuries to prevent larger issues down the road. They also know when to go to the podiatrist for foot and ankle issues as their livelihoods (and future Olympics medals) depend on it!

Common Gymnastics Injuries to Feet and Ankles

Muscle and tissue strains, ankle sprains, and fractures can often happen due to the nature of the sport. Watch for some of the most common painful symptoms or injuries such as muscle soreness or tenderness, joint pain, sprained ankles, Achilles Tendonitis, and stress fractures. Accidental injuries can be even more severe, leaving you with a broken bone, as the French gymnast, Samir Ait Said had suffered at the Rio Olympics.

If you or your child experiences acute, severe pain, see a doctor immediately. For mild sprains, use the P.R.I.N.C.E method (Protection of the injury, Rest, Ice, NSAIDs, Compression, Elevation) until you can come in to see us at Crofton Podiatry.

Prevention Tips

Make sure you are physically ready for each training session by maintaining overall health and fitness, warming up, stretching, cooling down, and staying hydrated. Additionally, Gymnasticsrescue.com has much information about gymnastics tips, lifestyle, and injuries. The following are some of their suggestions for injury prevention:

  • Get medically examined by your doctor before starting training.

  • Use proper safety gear for learning.

  • Visit a doctor immediately if you suspect injury.

  • Make sure coaches are aware of any injuries or prior health conditions.

  • Make sure that you (or your child) is supported mentally and physically when learning new techniques.

At Crofton Podiatry, our patients’ foot and ankle needs come first. If you or your young child’s activity-related ambitions depend on healthy feet and ankles, we want to help keep you moving. Especially with gymnastics, pain and injury can slow down progress, and even cause you issues that prevent you from participating further or even your mobility. Dr. Brad Toll, our board-certified podiatrist is committed to assisting you with issues that arise from sports such as gymnastics. Make an appointment at our Crofton, MD office, today!

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