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By Crofton Podiatry
June 16, 2016

At or around week 20 of your pregnancy, you will most likely experience some swelling in your body. Your hands, breasts, butt, calves, ankles, and feet will probably show at least a little bit of swelling and will last until you give birth.

The edema comes as your body changes to retain more fluid to help soften the body to allow for expansion. There is also increased blood flow and pressure in your veins near the uterus as a result of baby growth and increased weight in your pelvic area. Eventually, the growing baby restricts return blood flow back to the heart, keeping more fluid in the ankles and feet.

If you are concerned about swelling in your feet or ankles during your pregnancy, please contact our board-certified foot and ankle doctor, Brad Toll, DPM. He will help you manage swelling and make sure that there are no other podiatric issues.

Tips on Managing Swelling

Hot days, standing for long periods of time, low potassium in diet, high caffeine or sodium intake, and low water intake can increase your swelling throughout each day during pregnancy. The following are some tips on managing your swollen feet and ankles:

  • Avoid high sodium and caffeine in food and drinks.

  • Eat foods that are high in potassium such as bananas.

  • Try not to stand for long periods of time or have long days of activity.

  • Elevate your feet when resting.

  • Wear comfortable and supportive shoes since ligaments and tendons can become loose.

  • Use compression socks or supportive tights or stockings.

  • Stay hydrated so that the body doesn’t feel the need to retain fluids.

  • Avoid too much time outdoors in the summer heat.

  • Do some physical activity to get circulation, but do not put too much strain on your feet.

  • Use cold compresses on swollen areas.

Swelling during pregnancy is normal, but excessive swelling can be a sign of other issues. Pay attention to any uneven swelling on one side as this may be a sign of blood clot. Also, if there is increased overall swelling, including in the face and hands, it may be a sign of complication in the pregnancy.

Our team at Crofton Podiatry will do their best to care for your feet and ankles during your pregnancy and let you know if you need to seek additional medical care. If you have any concerns about unusual swelling, make an appointment today by calling our office (410) 721-4505 in Crofton, MD.

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